A Quick Tour of Windsor Castle


As long as umbrellas are with you, the capricious weather around London has its beneficial side.  While I was taking a one-day trip to Windsor, the shade of the sky changed so frequently as if I had spent several different days there: from rainy to sunny, and from sunny to cloudy (it rained again on the train back). As a result, I have captured the sublimity of Windsor Castle under a variety of natural environments, which typically requires one to spend many more days. It is also a remarkable experience to witness the changing mood of the royal garden under the mercurial sky. Thinking about this good side, the total utility of this trip had outweighed any tiredness caused by hurrying to catch the trains, and an econ major cannot be happier for this. LOL  Continue reading

Berry Blossoms


The most rewarding moment comes when some of the blueberry trees in my DIY garden blossomed this morning! Under these trees are tiny white strawberry flowers cheering the perfect sunny day. I have never seen blueberry flowers before, and these bell-shaped little blossoms are just adorable. Can’t wait to capture them in my camera and I’m eager to see them fruit in summer!

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Spring Outfit Debut


This is essentially my first outfit post featuring spring style on fifiqin.com!The blossoming surroundings are colorful enough so I’ve chosen to wear the minimalistic shades – black, grey and white – and they fit the environment perfectly. Anyway, spring itself is charming enough already, isn’t it?
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A Glimpse of Fontainebleau


It is best to take a chateau tour outside the heart of Paris after a busy yet cheery shopping day. Versailles is one great choice, and Fontainebleau is another, which is a serene escape from clusters of tourists. When I visit castles I love their gardens most. The polished landscape beatifies the vintage works of royal architecture with everlasting sparks from the nature. I bet Fontainebleau has the most stunning landscape among all. The sapphire lake and the little emerald forest are both jewels on its crown. It was mid-summer that I first escaped into the forest of Fontainebleau. Another spring excursion is on my schedule, and I suppose I’d take a better camera lens with me to capture some of the blossoming scenery there! Continue reading

Pink Hydrangea


Spring is the best backdrop for the opera of flowers. Blossoming petals are notes of the melody whose mood is set by the vividness of varying colors. The garden is now full of flowers, and my dearest one is pink hydrangea. If you look close enough you’d see a small pearl in the center of each blossom painted with pastel shade. Hydrangea is unique for it doesn’t have opulent flowers as camellia and rose do, but it is of course one of the chicest choice for spring. Hydrangea is also easy to look after. To take care of it, you just need to put it away from the sun and provide enough hydration to keep it wet. I’m having pink hydrangea in my small garden as well as on my table, which makes the home cozy and pleasant as it is! Continue reading

Spring Comes


It seemed all jewels in the garden blossomed overnight. Temperature remained chilly but I’m hasty to feel the first hint of spring. I’m excited as I’d be able to move out from my home interior addiction to produce outdoor shots. Viva spring and revived gardens!

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Giverny, Impressionism, Monet


The former residence of Claude Monet, Giverny is an IMAX 3D version of Monet’s impressionism artworks. Being a city dweller for too long made me eager to escape into this dreamy countryside to set my mind free, refresh myself up and, explore new inspirations. The farm house, the garden, the pond… Trip to Giverny to me was exactly a mind spa under the blue sky!

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